My Priorities

Develop a Strong Working Relationship with the County Board


I believe it is extremely important to develop a strong working relationship with the County Board and maintain open communication channels. Working together will only enhance the county’s abilities to provide the highest level of service to the residents of DuPage County.  I believe a key critical component of developing and maintaining this relationship is to develop a level of respect and understanding for each other’s (the board and the sheriff’s department) needs and desires. Maintaining this understanding and working together to resolve differences will foster strong working relationships and promote open communication.

Provide Crisis Intervention Team Training to all Sheriff's Deputies


I strongly believe one of the most important factors in law enforcement today is making sure all law enforcement officers are trained to handle situations involving those who are in crisis and / or suffering from mental illness. As a police officer who is crisis intervention team trained, I strongly believe the content and experience gained by attending the 40 Hour Crisis Intervention Team course is invaluable. It will be my priority to make sure all law enforcement officers within the Sheriff’s Department receive the 40 Hour Crisis Intervention Team training approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board as soon as possible.

Implementation of a County-Wide Rescue Task Force Model


I will also work to develop and implement a county-wide Rescue Task Force model. The Rescue Task Force model will train law enforcement and fire department personnel to work together at the scene of an active shooter type event to provide rapid life-saving medical care and extrication of those who are injured during the incident. This is a concept that is not foreign to police and fire departments, however, developing the rescue task force model on a county-wide level is extremely important to ensure a seamless emergency response with clear understanding of everyone’s responsibilities while maintaining the overall goal to save as many lives as possible.

Explore Body Camera Program Feasibility

I will further explore the feasibility of the implementation of a body camera program. While I fully support the use of body cameras, I believe it is important to fully understand the impacts (financially, operationally, logistically) prior to committing to the program as this is a long-term investment which will have re-occurring financial requirements.


It is extremely critical for law enforcement organizations to develop and maintain strong relationships with the communities they serve. It will be a priority of mine to further build on the established relationships and develop new relationships in communities throughout DuPage County. By building and enhancing strong community relations, the sheriff’s department can demonstrate through our actions, that law enforcement is not only about enforcing laws, it’s about caring for and helping our community. There will be a focus on establishing and maintaining trust within the communities we serve.

It will be my priority to ensure the residents and visitors of DuPage County are served by a professional law enforcement agency whose core values and mission represent the utmost level of integrity and accountability. Only the most qualified candidates will be hired and promoted, free of political influence. Misconduct will not be tolerated and those engaging in any misconduct will be held accountable.

Opioid Epidemic

Combating the Opioid Epidemic will be a continued priority which will be fought on multiple fronts. 

Community Outreach / Education – We must work to educate the community of the dangers of opioids and the need for early intervention. We must ensure the appropriate community-based services are available to assist those who are directly or in-directly affected by this epidemic. Enforcement – Partnering with local, county, state and federal resources to aggressively target the sale of illegal drugs. We will expand the use of canine detection teams and use technology to aid in our enforcement efforts.